For those of you who don’t know, Rough Trade are a small chain of record shops in England and also have a fine new store in Brooklyn, America. They have been constant supporters of Nick Drake and we are pleased to join with them in the celebration of the launch of our new book ‘Remembered For A While’ which they will be stocking in their shops and for mail order as well.

Rough Trade have bought an amount of the Signature Boxed Edition for sale as well, and we are planning a series of events in their London, Bristol and Nottingham shops in early November, final details will be mailed out in due course.

The book is coming out in two editions.

The first is the Boxed Signature Edition that can be ordered here:

whilst stocks last (there are only 1,000 of these being made)

The second is a standard unsigned, un-numbered hardback edition available from all outlets. The contents of the two books is identical, but the Signature Edition comes in a box, the book has a different binding and dust-jacket, plus the 10″ vinyl and the portfolio of prints by Julian Lloyd

We also wanted to alert those of you who have bought the Boxed Signature Edition not to worry if the hardback appears on sale before you get your copy. Because we chose to have the books hand-assembled in Italy (rather than the far east) they may take a little longer to complete and ship, especially to countries outside the EEC, we really hope you agree that the slightly longer delivery time is worth the wait.

There will be more news as it happens, including more Nick Drake on vinyl, (a new fangled format that appears to be catching on these days despite needing the purchase of a ‘gramophone iplayer’)