November 28th, 2017

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The poems and songs of Molly Drake
Released on December 4th 2017


Molly Drake wrote songs and poems from the mid 1930s until her death in 1993. They were never meant for public release, rather, they were the gentle but profound observations of a very private person. Nick Drake was indeed his mother’s son. And like her son, Molly was a perfectionist who refined and edited her work to the enth degree.

Many years after her death it was realised that her material might have had an influence on her son Nick Drake’s own work which was why, originally, it became of interest; only gradually has it become obvious that her creations have a merit all of their own.


The Tide’s Magnificence comes as a full colour 196 page hard-back case-bound and stitched book printed on contrasting paper stock with printed page edges. The book contains 79 poems by Molly Drake, lyrics to the songs, a 14 page introduction by her daughter, the actor Gabrielle Drake, photos, diary extracts, song manuscripts and handwritten notes by Molly, as well as the essay Give Me A Place To Be, which previously appeared in the book about Nick Drake: Remembered For A While,

There are two CDs containing 26 songs. The first CD was originally released as a limited private pressing in 2013, the second contains 7 unreleased songs all of which were recorded in mono in the 1950s on home tape recorders by Molly’s husband Rodney Drake. The songs were digitally transferred by Nick’s producer and engineer; John Wood and mastered by Simon Heyworth at Super Audio Mastering carefully preserving the varying qualities inevitably found in such old recordings.

“This is the missing link in the Nick Drake story” – Joe Boyd

Many of the songs and poems were so exquisitely performed on the 2017 tour by The Unthanks and recorded on their CD and Vinyl release: ‘The Songs Of Molly Drake’

The Tide’s Magnificence is a limited edition, there will only be one pressing of the set before it is made available as a single CD. Initially it will only be available by direct purchase from the website below:

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Released on the Fledg’ling label (FLED 3105) December 4th 2017
ISBN 978-0-9926395-2-5


Will O’ The Wisp
The Sloth
The Tall Trees
The Pinewood
Full Moon
After Rain
The Ambitious Moth
The Collector
Song Of The Flute
Waning Moon
The Wind
The Thaw
The Clear Rejoicing Water I
The Clear Rejoicing Water II
For Mary
The Valley
Early Blossom
Cock Lane
The Crow
Nineteen Thirty Nine
August 28th 1944
Warning To Heroes
A Prayer For Love
Colder Than The Dew Drenched Stone
Escape Me Never
The Prison
And When I Look At You…
Cry Of A Very Young Girl
My Love
Love And Beauty
Well, It Is Finished
Nasim Bagh
A Place Revisited
Dog On The Wheel
The Travellers
New York
Evening In The City
The Road To Mandalay
The Journey
Midnight Mass, Penn Church
The Ruin
The Bench In The Park
Lost Blue
The Killers
Primary Colour
The Mind Of Memory I
The Mind Of Memory II
Lost Grief
On Waking
The Intelligentsia
I Have Gone Stale
Remember This
Cut Out The Corn
The Rift
Cold Nose
April Things
The Two Worlds
The Shell
The Gulf
Beauty Is Gone
Spring Flowers
Is It Hard To Remember?
Autumn Afternoon
Puget Sound
The Rose
The Gate
The End Of The Day
The Shock Of Dying
Molly’s Last Poem


Little Weaver Bird
Cuckoo Time
Love Isn’t A Right
Dream Your Dreams
How Wild The Wind Blows
What Can A Song Do To You?
I Remember
A Sound
Woods In May
Night Is My Friend
Fine Summer Morning
Set Me Free
Breakfast At Bradenham Woods
Never Pine For The Old Love
Poor Mum
Do You Ever Remember?
The First Day
Funny Little Tune
Some Other Spring
Laugh Of The Year
Road To The Stars
Oh To Be In England (words by Robert Browning)
The Oak And The Ash (Traditional; a duet with Molly’s sister Nancy)

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