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How Wild The Wind Blows

April 9th, 2017


It is a great pleasure to alert you to a new release and tour by the English band The Unthanks of their own recordings of songs and poems by Nick’s mother Molly Drake.

For many of you, The Unthanks will need no introduction. Surprisingly there are still a few who will be new to their work and we will leave it up to them to introduce themselves here:

The recordings of Molly Drake’s songs are augmented by her poems read by Molly’s daughter Gabrielle Drake.

The official retail release date for the record is not until late May, but order direct from their website and The Unthanks guarantee early delivery, plus the exclusive opportunity to buy a second, supplementary EP of Molly Drake songs and poems – a record only available from the band directly. Their commitment to deliver a whole month ahead of retail release date is to coincide with the start of their tour of Molly’s work, starting April 18th, on which the two releases will also be available. Dates only cover England and Ireland for now and are selling out fast. The audio visual show will only feature Molly Drake material, save for hints about Nick Drake material in the encore. Details of their tour and releases can all be found on the following link:

Bryter Music have been involved with much of this project from the start and are enthused in recommending it to you all. The care and attention that Molly’s songs have been given are a testament to the love and respect The Unthanks always deliver to their releases, new life has been given to these timeless songs.


For those who missed out on our own, now long-deleted CD release of original period recordings of Molly Drake’s songs there is good news. We plan to re-issue the set in August with an extra CD of unreleased songs and a comprehensive hard-back book of her poetry. Pre-order interest in this release can be lodged by using the details found in the programme available on The Unthanks tour, and more details on this set will be mailed out to you in due course.