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October 5th, 2009

It is with the deepest sorrow that we have to tell you all that Nick’s great friend and collaborator, Robert Kirby, died on Saturday 3rd October.

Without Robert, Nick’s legacy of music would have been so much the poorer. From their earliest days at Cambridge, and for the rest of Nick’s all-too-brief life, as well as over the years when Nick passed from obscurity to recognition and fame, Robert was his champion and true friend.

Others will be able to judge better than I how well Robert used his own formidable talent to serve Nick’s music, with his fine arrangements of Nick’s songs.

But I will remember him as a loving friend, always willing to talk about Nick, to elucidate, where elucidation was possible, Nick’s character and quirks – but also happy to admit and love the enigma that was his friend, and my brother. No one knew Nick better – both as a man and as a musician. And his loss is a blow to all of us.

But, of course, the greatest blow will be to his family. And I am sure that all of you would want to join me in sending to them heartfelt sympathy in their grief . I believe, too, that there will be many who feel, as I do, enormous gratitude for the privilege of having known the fine musician and compassionate man that was Robert Kirby.

Gabrielle Drake, October 5th, 2009