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FAMILY TREE CD de-luxe packaging

July 4th, 2007

The initial quantities of our Family Tree album come in a special CD plastic case with two separate booklets stitched into the sleeve inside. Advance orders on this release have taken us by surprise and we fear that all of this stock will sell out in the first week of release, after which ‘Family Tree’ reverts to a normal CD.

We know that many fans have ordered this title in advance, but this is just a warning to those who have not done so: to get your skates on if you wish to enjoy the full package!

Demand for Family Tree on vinyl has been amazing, we are looking into the possibility of releasing this later in the year, because we would want this to be a thing of beauty and great value, we would have to make this a double-album with a booklet inside, so this will take some time to manufacture. We will be doing this with a specialist vinyl label, stay tuned, here, for news.